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Volumetric Feeders Overview

Volumetric Feeders

Volumetric Feeders Overview & Model Series

Acrison Volumetric Feeders are universally acclaimed for their unique ability to accurately and reliably feed an extremely broad variety of dry solid ingredients. Their innovative and technologically superior designs provide a high degree of versatile volumetric metering performance. The quality of construction and durability of these volumetric feeders is unsurpassed; their maintenance requirements are the lowest in the industry.

A true volumetric feeder encompasses a positive method of measuring a specific volume of product and a means to effectively discharge that material, generally over a variable range. With an auger type volumetric feeder, the auger is the means used to measure volume, discharging the “measured” volume of material with each revolution, as it typically rotates through a discharge spout. Consequently, the viability of any auger type volumetric feeder is dependent upon how uniformly and consistently the feed auger is filled with product, and how reliably this is accomplished.

Even in view of today’s technological accomplishments, the precise and dependable volumetric metering of dry solid ingredients remains far more of an art than a science; unquestionably, specific expertise and experience plays the most crucial role. And since it is also a well-established fact that no single approach to dry solids volumetric metering has been able to solve all materials-handling variables, Acrison has designed and manufactures a number of different auger type volumetric feeder models in order to successfully handle the incredible number and diversity of dry solid materials. Each of these individual volumetric feeder models possesses specific functionality, suitable to handle a range of product characteristics.

For example, feeding very free-flowing products such as coffee beans, grass seed or plastic pellets really doesn’t require much mechanical sophistication; however, to accurately and dependably meter sluggish amorphous materials, especially those with adhesive, cohesive and/or pressure sensitive characteristics, is a challenge.

Today, Acrison produces dry solid volumetric feeders that range from single auger volumetric feeders to handle the generally easier free-flowing materials, to various type dissimilar speed, multiple auger and agitated flat bottom volumetric feeders for the more difficult-handling products.

All of Acrison’s various model volumetric feeders are available with a number of different size metering augers – interchangeable on each of the individual model volumetric feeders – to cover a specific output feed range. Overall feed rates range from 0.0012 to 6600 cubic feet per hour, depending upon the selected volumetric feeder model and the size of its metering auger. In addition, and as standard, all Acrison volumetric feeders are equipped with variable speed drives that cover a wide operating range.

Model 101 Volumetric FeederSingle Auger Metering Mechanism
(Model 101 Series) Volumetric Feeder
Model 105 Volumetric FeederDissimilar Speed Double Concentric Auger Metering Mechanism
(Model 105 Series) Volumetric Feeder
Model 130 Volumetric FeederSingle Auger Metering Mechanism
(Model 130 Series) Volumetric Feeder
Model 140 Volumetric FeederDissimilar Speed Double Concentric Auger Metering Mechanism
(Model 140 Series) Volumetric Feeder
Model 1015 Volumetric FeederDissimilar Speed Dual Auger / Agitator Metering Mechanisms
(Model 1015 Series) Volumetric Feeder
Dissimilar Speed Volumetric FeederDissimilar Speed Triple Auger / Agitator Metering Mechanisms
(Model BDF Series) Volumetric Feeder
Model 170 Volumetric FeederSelf-Emptying Auger / Agitator Metering Mechanisms
(Model 170 Series) Volumetric Feeder
Model 120 Volumetric FeederDissimilar Speed Double Concentric Auger w/Flow Inducing Hopper
(Model 120 Series) Volumetric Feeder
Model V101 Volumetric FeederFiberglass Feeders with Single Auger Metering Mechanism
(Models V101 / V130 Series) Volumetric Feeder
Model 905-14 Volumetric FeederSpecifically Designed to Meter
“Strand-Type” Materials
(Model 905-14 Series) Volumetric Feeder