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Mecanismo Dosificador Múltiple Tornillo/Agitador de Velocidades Distintas - Modelo Serie BDF

The BDFM, BDF-1 and BDF-1.5 models are designed with two agitators and a mechanically synchronized dosing screw to operate at different speeds.

General description

Model BDF-1 Dosing Mechanism

The BDFM, BDF-1 and BDF-1.5 Models, Acrison Volumetric Dosers combine two counter-rotating agitator screws at the same speed, and a dosing screw rotating at a dissimilar speed to produce positive transport of a wide range of dry solids including Those considered difficult to manage.

All other BDF series dispensers (BDFX-1.5, BDFX-1.5-2, BDF-2, BDF-2.5, BDF, BDF-4-1-3, and BDF-5) are designed with different gears for Agitators and dosing screw (s).

Characteristics / Benefits

  • It consists of a mechanism Agitator Type Screw Doser - Conditioning the material to a natural and constant state while filling screw evenly and efficiently through 320 degrees.
  • Steel Construction - provides long - term durability with minimal maintenance
  • Variety of sizes - covers dosage ranges from 0.0006 to 6,600 cubic feet (17cc - 187 m3) per hour


  • All contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel for the BDFM, BDF-1 and BDF-1.5 models. The other BDF Series Models are available in various construction materials; However, the elements that make up the seals including the propeller shaft supplied with the BDF Model Batchers are made of 304 stainless steel as standard.
  • In the BDFM, BDF-1 and BDF-1.5 models the three screws are driven by a single gear transmission and an AC or DC speed motor over a range of 30: 1 or 50: 1
  • All other BDF models are equipped with individual heavy duty transmissions to drive the two agitators and the dosing screw. As standard, the dosing screw is equipped with a gear transmission and an AC or DC speed motor with ranges of 30: 1 or 50: 1.


  • Available in various construction materials.
  • Available in sanitary construction that meets USDA and FDA requirements. (Includes construction for rapid dismantling in the BDFM, BDF-1, and BDF-1.5 Models).
  • Construction for use with high temperatures
  • Variety of variable speed AC or DC motor controls
  • Available as an integral metering mechanism for certain Acrison Gravimetric Models