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Acrison strongly encourages a prospective user of dry solids metering equipment to visually and physically compare the available equipment in order to select the most viable hardware to satisfy the metering requirements of even the most demanding processes. Clearly, there is a difference... a significant difference in the technology, quality, durability, maintenance parameters and attainable performance of dry solids metering equipment, particularly where weigh feeders are concerned.

We welcome witnessed testing at our facilities as we are confident that personal observation of an equipment operational demonstration will prove to be invaluable in the customers decision-making process.

Acrison's ultra-modern equipment demonstration facilities are the largest, most advanced and best-equipped in the industry. We'll be glad to demonstrate the operation of the selected piece of equipment with your actual product, normally, without any charge. Test procedures are generally completely automatic.

"Most importantly, the metering accuracy we demonstrate in our testing facilities will be identical to the performance you will obtain in your operating environment."

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Customer Training Facilities

In addition to equipment demonstration/materials testing, Acrison also offers comprehensive user training programs, focusing on equipment operation/maintenance, as well as customized seminars, dealing with the application of Acrison products.