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SAPplicator® – The First Choice for all Absorbent Hygiene Products Manufacturers

Acrison is the Worldwide Leader in SAP Handling Solutions

Acrison has wide-ranging experience within the AHP (absorbent hygiene products) sector, and our systems are used in the manufacture of baby diapers, female sanitary products and incontinence pads.

We have an unrivalled reputation for quality, precision and accuracy among most of the major multinational producers of adult incontinence, femcare and diaper products.

Industry feedback shows that Acrison is recognized as the gold standard for excellence in SAP handling systems, from raw product receipt, right through to inclusion in the absorbent core.

Acrison is the leading supplier of SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) applicators for the manufacture of absorbent hygiene products, where the absorbent core is composed of a fluff pulp/SAP mixture.

The "SAPplicator" ensures consistently accurate dosing of SAP, plus all the critically high standards of engineering for which Acrison is renowned worldwide.

Building on its wide range of experience in this demanding market, Acrison's best selling SAP application system is designed in a range of configurations to suit the performance and financial requirements of your manufacturing line.

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SAPplicator Systems…
with Multi-Flight Auger Metering Mechanism


Acrison’s industry-leading SAPplicator Systems are specifically designed and engineered for the processing and precise feeding of SAP (super absorbent polymer) used in the manufacture of absorbent hygiene products, incontinence pads, etc., where the absorbent core is composed of a fluff pulp/SAP mixture. Designed in three configurations – from entry level to premium applicators – the SAPplicator is available to suit the performance requirements and financial constraints of the various markets it serves.

Entry Level SAPplicators – combine a multi-flight auger and tachometer feedback in a unit that is upgradeable and suitable for applications involving tight cost control of the SAP component or low volume runs. Application rates up to 600 pounds per hour. (For emerging markets or institutional consumption.)

Mid-Range SAPplicators – offer all the advantages of the entry-level unit with the added benefit of a compact “loss-in-weight” scale and digital controller for even greater accuracy of the metered product. The unit is ideal for more demanding applications that require greater accuracy, fast lines, and more rigorous accuracy.  Application rates up to 1,200 pounds per hour. (For private label or branded products.) 

Premium Range SAPplicators – Acrison’s flagship and ultimate performance feeder combines all the advantages of the mid-range unit with a larger “loss-in-weight” scale and digital controller for high accuracy at high rates. The unit is perfect for high rate applications, requires less refills (maximizing time spent in gravimetric “feeding” mode), and provides optimum short-term accuracy for excellent raw material (SAP) conservation. Application rates up to 3,300 pounds per hour. (For premium branded products.)


  • Patented Multi-Flight Auger Metering Mechanism – provides versatility to handle a wide range of SAP grades and offers maximum short term feed accuracy, minimal pulsation, a wider turn down ratio than conventional augers without sacrificing performance, and excellent repeatability over a wide feed range
  • Highly Accurate Dosing – minimizes SAP material and pad waste
  • All Steel Construction – provides long-term reliability with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Range of Model Sizes – application feed rates from 60 to 3,300 pounds per hour
  • Utilizes a high-speed serial motor control loop to ensure rapid acceleration of the applicator – reducing time taken to achieve target feed rate and to minimize product waste at startup

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  • All contact parts are 304 stainless steel including the feeder’s drive shaft and seal components
  • Variable speed AC or DC gearmotor drive with either a 30:1 or 50:1 speed range


  • Various materials of construction
  • Various AC and DC variable speed motor controllers and control modes

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Please Note: To meet industry demands for accurate feeding, Acrison has developed a high-speed sampling system to sample feed rate at split-second intervals – simulating conditions on a diaper line producing 600 pads per minute.