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Bin Vent Filters

Models BV-60, BV-100, BV-500, BV-1000 Bin Vent Filters… for use with Acrison's Weight-Loss Weigh Feeders or Storage Hoppers

Model BV-60 Model BV-60
Model BV-1000Model BV-1000


Acrison Bin Vent Filters trap dust particulate from escaping into the atmosphere during refilling of an Acrison supplied storage hopper, or an Acrison 'Weight-Loss' Weigh Feeder hopper, and will prohibit either a positive or negative pressure from occurring within the hopper to which it attaches during refill.

During refill of a hopper, the displaced air (often dust-laden) enters the Bin Vent Filter, passing through its cartridge filter(s) where dust/air separation occurs. Dust particulate is trapped on the outside of the surface of the filter, allowing only clean air to pass through and into the atmosphere. Acrison Bin Vent Filters do not have any moving parts or a motorized blower; special ventilation is not required.


  • Automatic Filter Media Cleaning – a reverse blast of dry, filtered, compressed air cleans the filter media (cartridge) at predetermined intervals
  • Cartridge Filter – material of construction releases most adhesive products and is capable of trapping particles down to sub-micron in size
  • All Steel Construction – provides long-term durability with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Range of Model Sizes (based on cloth area of filter cartridge) – single or double filter cartridges depending upon model


  • Various materials of construction
  • Require a 115/1/60 power supply and compressed air (60-70 PSIG) for operation