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Acrison's Industrial Process Equipment

Bulletin 714

Acrison's Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems

Bulletin 514
Volumetric Feeders

Models 101 and 130

Equipment Specifications #1-200-0479

Models 105 and 140

Equipment Specifications #1-200-0480

Model 1015 Series

Data Specification #1-200-0481

Models BDFM, BDF-1, BDF-1.5, BDFX-1.5, and BDFX-1.5-2

Bulletin 708

Model BDFM Quick Disconnect

Design Specification #BD-1-624

Model 170 Series

Equipment Specification #1-200-0525

Model 170-MI-5 Volumetric Feeder

Design Specifications #1-200-0802

Model 120

Bulletin 270

Models V101 and V130

Design Specification #1-200-346

Model 905-18 Series for strand type materials

Design Specifications 1-200-0804
Bin Dischargers

Multiple-Auger Bin Dischargers and Bin Discharger Feeders

Bulletin 712

Flat Bottom Bin Discharger Model 170-BD-30

Design Specification #1-200-0796

Vibrating Bin Dischargers

Design Specification #1-200-0296
Continuous Blenders

Models 301 and 350

Bulletin 711
Weigh Feeders

Model 403 Series

Bulletin 728

Models 402 and 404 Series, 405, 406, and 408

Bulletin 893

Model 407X Series

Bulletin 897

Model 410-170-MI-5 Gravimetric Feeder

Design Specifications #1-200-0811

Model 403B(D) Series Batch/Dump Weighing Systems

Bulletin 840

Models 203 Weigh Belt & 203B Weigh Auger

Bulletin 723

Model 260 Series Weigh Belt Weighers/Feeders

Bulletin 720

Model 270 Series

Bulletin 726

Acrison's Weighing Systems - Theory of Operation

Bulletin 300-0058D
Bin Vent Filters

Bin Vent Filters

Design Specification #1-200-152
Bulk Bag Unloaders

Bulk Bag Unloader Model 810 For Dry Solid Materials


Bulk Bag Unloader Model 820

Dust Collector & Bag Dump Station

Models DC-100, DC-500 and DC-1000 Dust Collectors

Equipment Specifications #1-200-0882

Models DCBDS-500 & DCBDS-1000 Dust Collector Bag Dump Stations

Equipment Specification #1-200-155
Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems Acrison's Product Line Overview

Bulletin 514

Acrison's Volumetric Feeders/Dissolving Systems for Dry Chemicals Model W-105 Series

Bulletin W718

Model 500 Polymair Polyelectrolyte Processing System

Bulletin 500

Model 512 Polymair Polyelectrolyte Processing System

Bulletin 512

Model 515 Polyelectrolyte Processing Module

Bulletin 515

Model 530 Liquid Polymer Preparation Module

Typical Specification #5-200-0561

Model 580 Liquid Polymer Preparation Module

Typical Specification #5-200-0618

Volumetric Feeders and Dissolving Systems Model W-105 Series

Equipment Specifications #1-200-0011

Silo Systems for Dry Chemical Storage and Feeding

Bulletin 924
Controllers & Control Systems

SBC-2000 Family of Weigh Feeder Controllers

Design Specification #1-200-0601

Acri-Data Supervisory Control System

Design Specification #1-200-0627

Model 740 Batch Control System

Bulletin 840

Model 060 SCR-DC Motor Controller

Design Specification #1-200-0437

Model 040 SCR-DC Motor Controller

Design Specification #1-200-0487

Model 800 Flow/No Flow Sensor and Controller

Design Specification #1-200-111