Markets Served

Food Processing

Serving the Food Processing Industries for more than 50 years, Acrison develops, designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of dry solids metering and handling equipment that delivers maximum flexibility, optimum levels of performance and the lowest cost-of-ownership possible.

Meeting the needs of virtually every segment of the Food Industry, Acrison offers dry solids metering and handling systems for a wide variety of Food Processing Applications including Milling, Snack Foods, Cereals, and Candy as well as Bakery, Pet foods, Coffees, Deserts and Edible Oils.

Acrison serves the Food Processing Markets with the most comprehensive line of volumetric and gravimetric feeders in the industry. These feeders are well known for their ability to accurately and reliably meter an unparalleled variety of dry solid ingredients. Their innovative and technologically superior designs provide a high degree of versatile metering performance enabling Acrison to match without compromise, the proper equipment to the endless list of materials that processors must handle.

Further serving the Food Processing Industries, Acrison also manufactures Dry Solids Storage and Supply Systems, Continuous Blenders/Conveyors, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Dust Collectors, leading-edge Controllers, and Supervisory Feeder Control Systems.

Case Histories for Food Processing Market

Tara Foods

Food manufacturer's new batching, feeding, and blending equipment saves more than just peanuts.


Acrison Equipment standardizes the flour fortification process in Colombia.

Acrison Feeders Say Cheese

Salting in the cheese industry is a high precision task that can either make or break the quality of the finished cheese - particularly as the product is under the considerable scrutiny of an increasingly discerning public.

Cadbury Chooses Acrison

When the UK’s leading chocolate manufacturer, Cadbury Trebor Bassett, wanted to upgrade its Bournvita plant at Chirk, the company set very stringent specifications for the equipment to replace its 30-year-old weigh belt system.

New Feeders Payback in Less than a Year

A case history looking at how Acrison feeders saved a petfood company tonnes of non-reworkable product.

Nelstrop & Company

Acrison Models 105 and Loss-In-Weight Feeders increase accuracy at Flour Mill.

Lani Belgium

An Acrison feeder installed at a Belgian snackfood company is ensuring that we get tasty crisps.