Acrison Model 170-1-2

Acrison’s Model 170-1-2 Volumetric Feeders for dry solids are designed for both continuous and batching applications incorporating a highly versatile metering mechanism featuring two independently driven metering augers for accurate and reliable feeding over an exceptionally wide feed range. The design of the Model 170-1-2 Volumetric Feeder completely eliminates the undesirable requirement to change the size of the feeder’s metering auger whenever a feed range is required that cannot be effectively achieved by a single size auger. By incorporating two separate metering augers sized accordingly, a very wide feed range is possible. Additionally, for batching applications, this feeder is able to provide both high and low feed outputs (rapid and dribble feed) to help facilitate the highest degree of batch accuracy.

Model 170-1-2 Metering Mechanism

Model 170-1-2 Agitating and Conditioning Material

Model 170-1-2 Agitating, Conditioning and Discharging Material