Acrison Model 170-MI-5

The Model 170-MI-5 Volumetric Feeder is designed to meter a wide assortment of dry solid ingredients at the lowest possible feed rates. The Model 170-MI-5 Volumetric Feeder includes a flat bottom feed chamber that attaches directly to the mating outlet of its supply hopper. In operation, a slowly rotating horizontally mounted conditioning agitator within the feed chamber, promotes flow out of the feeder’s supply hopper and into the feed chamber, where the sweeping rotational action of the agitator conditions the material to a consistent state, while simultaneously filling the metering auger for accurate product delivery. The Model 170-MI-5 will self-empty when permitted to feed until empty and is specifically designed for rapid product cleanout; it is ideal for applications where frequent product changeover is a requirement.

Model 170-MI-5 Metering Mechanism

Model 170-MI-5 Agitating and Conditioning Material

Model 170-MI-5 Agitating, Conditioning and Discharging Material

Model 170-MI-5 Disassembly Video