Acrison Model BDFX-1.5-2

Acrison’s Model BDFX-1.5-2 Volumetric Feeder has dual conditioning augers/agitators, which are independently driven, and also includes two separate, independently driven metering augers. When combined, the two metering augers produce a very wide feed range. The Model BDFX-1.5-2 Feeder eliminates the undesirable task of changing the metering auger of a continuous dry solids feeder whenever an uncommonly wide feed range is required. Additionally, the Model BDFX-1.5-2 provides both high (rapid feed) and low (dribble) feed outputs for batching applications.

Model BDFX-1.5-2 Metering Mechanism

Model BDFX-1.5-2 Agitating and Conditioning Material

Model BDFX-1.5-2 Agitating, Conditioning and Discharging Material