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Flow Promoting Internal Multiple Auger/Agitator Bin Discharging Mechanisms

Bin Dischargers... with Acrison’s Flow Promoting Multiple Auger/Agitator Mechanism, available with Integral Storage Bins


Acrison’s Multiple Auger/Agitator Bin Dischargers provide positive and uninterrupted flow (discharge) of an exceptionally wide variety of dry solid materials from storage.  In the utilization of opposed multiple segmented helical sections, or other type agitation configurations, slowly rotating within the body of the Bin Discharger, definitive internal mechanical agitation produces highly reliable downward flow and discharge of even the most difficult-handling materials. Converging designs that create product flow patterns typical of conical, pyramidal or wedge type bin bottom designs are eliminated, thus assuring substantially increased gravity flow into the body of the Bin Discharger for unrestricted dependable discharge.


  • Unique segmented slowly rotating Multiple Agitators - produce bi-directional flow-inducing internal mechanical agitation for effective and reliable product discharge without the use of vibration or aeration devices
  • Non-converging design - eliminates product compaction and bridging
  • Mechanical agitation – eliminates product segregation, compaction and bridging
  • All Steel Construction – provides long-term durability with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Flanged rigid attachments - eliminates the need for flexible connections on both the inlet and outlet
  • Capable of use with any type hopper, bin or silo


  • Available with square or round inlet attachment flange – standard sizes of 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet
  • Equipped with individual heavy-duty drives for each agitator
  • Designed for long, maintenance-free operation


  • Various materials of construction
  • Available with integral storage bins (complete assemblies)
  • Sanitary construction to comply with USDA and FDA codes (certain models)
  • High temperature and pressure construction (certain models)