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Model 820 Bulk Bag Unloader

Model 820 with Forktruck LoadingModel 820 with Forktruck Loading


Acrison's Model 820 Bulk Bag Unloader provides a clean, safe and highly effective means for discharging a wide assortment of dry solid materials from within various size and type bulk bags. The bags can be placed (lifted) into the unloader by a fork truck or hoist. When loaded with a fork truck, the unloader's structure includes adjustable bag rack guide rails with tapered side guides to help align and locate the bulk bag during the loading process.

Especially effective in the discharge of non-free flowing materials, the Model 820 Unloader utilizes 'controlled vibration' to reliably discharge the entire or partial contents of bulk bags, typically for use in conjunction with Acrison metering equipment. The bags can weigh up to two tons and can be disposable, reusable, or lined.

The Model 820 Bulk Bag Unloader features Acrison's patented Model 82-SCM Bag Spout Clamping Mechanism for unrestricted access to the bag’s discharge spout for attachment to the process interface transition in an entirely clean and dust-tight manner; it also maintains the spout taut during the bag emptying process. Attachment is easily and quickly made by a strong, yet simple manually operated clam-shell clamping system.

The Model 820 can also be optionally equipped with Acrison's Model 82-SCV 'Bag Spout Closure Valve' that will close off the bag's discharge spout (allowing it to be retied) when it's desired to remove a partially empty bag. The pneumatically operated (patented) spout closure valve consists of a series of flexible coated steel cables that converge around the center of the discharge spout forming a tight 'basket weave' closure.

To ensure a completely dust-free operation, the Model 820 is available with dust collection means (that also assists deflating an empty bag), and bag lifting racks that automatically maintain upward lift on a bag (and bag liner when applicable) to facilitate product discharge.


  • Designed for loading with a fork truck or hoist, capable of a maximum bag weight of 4000 pounds.
  • Rugged–duty structure (framework) constructed with 4" mild steel square tubing with 3/16" wall thickness.
  • Includes Acrison's standard bag lifting rack for bag loading by either a fork truck or hoist.
  • The vibratory body of the bulk bag unloader is mild steel in construction. The body of the loader does not come in contact with the product being handled.
  • Includes Acrison's Model 82-SCM Bag Spout Clamping Mechanism with 304 stainless steel product contact parts.
  • The bulk bag unloader (vibrating body) is powered by a totally enclosed adjustable heavy-duty vibrator (230/460/3/60).
  • All mild steel surfaces are painted Acrison’s standard.


  • Bag lifting rack equipped with Acrison’s Automatic Bag Tensioner.
  • Bag liner tensioner
  • Available with Acrison's Model 82-BSCV Bag Spout Closure Valve – allows the bag spout to be retied when removing a partially empty bag
  • Available with Acrison's Model DC-100 Dust Collector to provide total dust containment
  • Can be mounted on load cells for level indication/inventory control
  • Sanitary construction
  • Hazardous area electrical construction
  • Pneumatically operated hoist and trolly
  • All stainless steel construction