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Model SBC-3000 Weigh Feeder Controllers

Model SBC-3000 Weigh Feeder Controllers
and Control Systems for Acrison Weigh Feeders


Model SBC-3000 Weigh Feeder Controllers encompass leading-edge technologies and functional algorithms that provide unexcelled weigh feeder performance to satisfy the most demanding process requirements across a very broad range of applications. And with an unprecedented number of standard and optional features, accessories, and interfacing capabilities (including native Ethernet and Profibus connectivity), these controllers also provide unparalleled versatility, ease of use, and operational reliability. In particular, they are ideally suited for those applications that require central computer control with minimal hardware.

Model SBC-3000 Controller

The Model SBC-3000 Controller operates a single Acrison Weigh Feeder. The Controller integrates a single circuit module with a bright, state-of-the-art TFT color graphics display (measuring 7” diagonally), in a package designed for panel-mounting; the assembly is dust-tight/water-tight.

Model SBC-3000-CM Controller

The Model SBC-3000-CM Controller operates a single Acrison Weigh Feeder. The Controller consists of a single circuit module designed for applications that utilize a central computer, PLC or DCS for monitoring and control, which do not require a local operator interface. A local Keyboard/Display unit is available as an option.

The SBC-3000-CM Controller is typically supplied in a card rack, the size of which depends upon how many controllers will be required for a given application. Frequently used in conjunction with Acrison’s Acri-Data Multi-Feeder Supervisory Control System.

The VME-style card racks typically used with SBC-3000-CM Controllers will accommodate either 6 or 17 CM Modules, as well as option modules. These card racks can be supplied with flanges for plate-mounting in an optionally supplied enclosure, or mounting in a user’s existing enclosure, or on the front of an enclosure, or in a 19-inch rack mount. When mounted on the front of an enclosure, a bezel is provided.

Operational Features

The SBC-3000 and SBC-3000-CM Controllers share many design features, including identical weigh feeder control software. The core computational heart of these two controllers is identical. It provides non-volatile program memory and set point storage using state-of-the-art, low power, flash and ferro-electric memory technology. In addition, the program can be quickly updated using a PC or laptop, if required.

The use of today’s advanced technologies enables SBC-3000 Controllers to utilize a single program that is configurable to control any Acrison Weigh Feeder model. The program also includes, as standard, serial/network interface protocols, and all languages currently available from Acrison, thereby providing complete compatibility between the various functions and options.

SBC-3000 Controllers support operation with either AC variable frequency or SCR/DC motor controllers using serial or analog interfaces.

Design Features

The SBC Controllers provide many functions and features derived from nearly four decades of experience with microprocessor-based weigh feeder controllers. While all functions are fully described in the Operating and Instruction Manual, the following describes some of them:

  • To reduce wiring requirements, SBC-3000 Controllers contain a dedicated internal network for communicating with the applicable weigh feeder (scale) and its motor controller.
  • Controllers are totally adjustment-free.
  • Continuous or batch operation in volumetric or gravimetric mode.
  • Internal, external or communications-based set points.
  • Ratio-proportioning and master-slave control capability.
  • Auto/manual hopper refill operation (LIW feeders).
  • Recipe storage and retrieval (in controller) augments host recipe storage.
  • ’Bumpless transfer’ between operating modes.
  • Auto-tuning.
  • SPC information (Mean, CV, CpK, Ó).
  • Acri-Lok® and Batch-Lok® scale disturbance protection (LIW feeders).
  • Automatic compensation for external factors.
  • User-programmable alarms can also be ‘latched’.
  • Dual, individually clearable product throughput totalizers.
  • Delayed ‘run’ and delayed ‘stop’ functions typically for blending applications.
  • Maximum motor speed threshold settings and alarm.
  • Selectable auto-stop of feeder should its hopper (or tank) run empty, or if ‘refill’ times out (LIW feeders).
  • Auto pacing during ‘refill’ (LIW feeders).
  • Configure using Web Browser.
  • Language selection: English, German, French, Spanish.
  • Alarm Log.

Optional Equipment

The following options are available with SBC-3000 Controllers:

  • Redundant Power Supplies: Features automatic switchover should the primary power supply fail.
  • System I/O Module: Provides system level digital inputs and outputs, plus 1 analog input and 1 output for the SBC-3000 Controller.
  • Analog Expansion Module: A DIN rail-mounted module having 4 analog inputs and 4 outputs, user programmable.
  • Packaging: Model SBC-3000 Controllers may be optionally packaged in a variety of ways depending on user preference. Wall-mounted and free-standing enclosures are available, as are plate-mounted and loose configurations for user installation.


SBC-3000 Controllers are certified to meet the following standards when supplied in suitable enclosures and with approved power supplies:

  • US: UL 61010-1
  • Canada: CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 61010-1
  • EC: EN/IEC 61326-1
  • Ethernet/IP CONFORMANCE TESTED™ is a certification mark of ODVA.