Volumetric Feeder Videos

Acrison Model 101-0

Acrison’s Model 101 Series Volumetric Feeders are specifically designed to accurately and dependably meter granular or pelletized (free-flowing) dry solid ingredients.

Acrison Model 105X

Acrison’s Model 105 Series of Volumetric Feeders for dry solids feature a unique, dissimilar speed, double concentric auger metering mechanism designed to accurately and reliably meter a wide variety of dry solid materials. The metering mechanism consists of a large 'conditioning auger' or Intromitter, concentrically mounted around a smaller, slower rotating 'metering auger', operating at dissimilar speeds in a fixed proportion to each other by a single variable speed gearmotor.

Acrison Model 1015Z

Acrison’s Model 1015 Series of Volumetric Feeders for dry solids feature a dissimilar speed, dual auger/agitator metering mechanism in a specially contoured feed chamber. Rotation of the larger 'conditioning' agitator produces bi-directional agitation of product within the feed chamber to ensure positive downward flow into the metering auger beneath. When permitted to feed until empty, only a minimal amount of residual product will remain in the feeder.

Acrison Model BDF-1

Acrison Model BDF Series Volumetric Feeders combine two flow-inducing augers/agitator, counter-rotating at the same speed, with a metering auger operating at a proportional, but dissimilar (slower) speed for accurately and reliably feeding a broad variety of dry solid materials, including those considered difficult-to-handle.

Acrison Model BDFX-1.5-2

Acrison’s Model BDFX-1.5-2 Volumetric Feeder has dual conditioning augers/agitators, which are independently driven, and also includes two separate, independently driven metering augers. When combined, the two metering augers produce a very wide feed range. The Model BDFX-1.5-2 Feeder eliminates the undesirable task of changing the metering auger of a continuous dry solids feeder whenever an uncommonly wide feed range is required. Additionally, the Model BDFX-1.5-2 provides both high (rapid feed) and low (dribble) feed outputs for batching applications.

Acrison Model 170-0

Acrison’s Model 170 Series of Volumetric Feeders for dry solids are specifically designed for complete product cleanout without the need for disassembly or mechanical changes. The Model 170 Series features a uniquely configured Auger/Agitator Metering Mechanism that completely fills the metering auger with product of a consistent state and a Circular Wide-Throat, Flat Bottom Feed Chamber with a slowly rotating horizontal Agitator that ensures the flow of product out of the supply hopper directly into the feed chamber (and metering auger). These feeders 'self-empty' when permitted to operate until empty, and also feature a novel discharge port for rapid material emptying when needed—making them ideal for applications where rapid product changeover or bare minimum downtime is critical.

Acrison Model 170-1-2

Acrison’s Model 170-1-2 Volumetric Feeders for dry solids are designed for both continuous and batching applications incorporating a highly versatile metering mechanism featuring two independently driven metering augers for accurate and reliable feeding over an exceptionally wide feed range. The design of the Model 170-1-2 Volumetric Feeder completely eliminates the undesirable requirement to change the size of the feeder’s metering auger whenever a feed range is required that cannot be effectively achieved by a single size auger. By incorporating two separate metering augers sized accordingly, a very wide feed range is possible. Additionally, for batching applications, this feeder is able to provide both high and low feed outputs (rapid and dribble feed) to help facilitate the highest degree of batch accuracy.

Acrison Model 170-MI-5

The Model 170-MI-5 Volumetric Feeder is designed to meter a wide assortment of dry solid ingredients at the lowest possible feed rates. The Model 170-MI-5 Volumetric Feeder includes a flat bottom feed chamber that attaches directly to the mating outlet of its supply hopper. In operation, a slowly rotating horizontally mounted conditioning agitator within the feed chamber, promotes flow out of the feeder’s supply hopper and into the feed chamber, where the sweeping rotational action of the agitator conditions the material to a consistent state, while simultaneously filling the metering auger for accurate product delivery. The Model 170-MI-5 will self-empty when permitted to feed until empty and is specifically designed for rapid product cleanout; it is ideal for applications where frequent product changeover is a requirement.