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Batch/Dump Weighing Systems - Model 403B(D)

Model 403B(D) Batch Dump SystemModel 403B(D) Batch Dump System


The Model 403B(D) Series of Batch/Dump Weighing Systems utilize an Overhead type weighing system specifically designed by Acrison for batch weighing of dry solids on a Gain in Weight basis. Model 403B(D) Weighing Systems utilize technologically advanced lever mechanisms (scales) equipped with Acrison designed and manufactured stainless steel flexures for all pivotal connections. Frictionless in operation, these time-proven weighing systems are extremely stable, exceptionally rugged, and counter-balanced so that only the weight of material in the weigh hopper is weighed.

Typically, product is fed into the scale-mounted hopper by an Acrison volumetric feeder or feeders. When batch weighing more than one product in a single weigh hopper, each material is individually (sequentially) batched since only one ingredient can be weighed at a time. The control system encompasses the latest technologies and algorithms to ensure optimum levels of performance.


  • Batch Accuracy - is typically +/- 0.1 to 0.5% or better (error) at two sigma based on a given number of consecutive batch weighments
  • Versatile - wide range of metering mechanisms are available for feeding dry solids into a Model 403B(D) Weigh Hopper; selection is dependent upon the physical handling characteristics of the product(s)
  • Unique Ratiometric Digital Weight Resolver - is extremely precise, calibration and adjustment-free, and cannot be damaged by any amount of shock or overload the weighing system may experience
  • Weighing System - frictionless in operation, extremely stable, ruggedly constructed, and permanently calibrated; longevity is unsurpassed
  • Dust-Tight Construction - provides total product confinement from inlet to outlet
  • All Steel Construction - provides long-term durability with minimal maintenance requirements


  • Weighing System:
    • Technologically advanced, state-of-the-art lever network utilizing Acrison designed and manufactured heavy-duty stainless steel flexures for all pivotal connections
    • These flexures provide optimum structural rigidity of the lever network, frictionless operation and ensure permanence of the weighing system’s accuracy and calibration
  • Ratiometric Weight Resolver System:
    • Linear to within 0.01%; repeatable to 0.005%; possesses long term stability of 0.005% (10,000 hours), and carries a 40,000 hour MTBF
    • FM (Factory Mutual) Approved and Listed for operation in hazardous environments
  • Batch Size (weight): Ranges from 250 grams to tons per batch
  • Batch Weight Range (standard): 30:1 turn-down from the scale capacity
  • Batch Frequency: Depends on application (consult factory)
  • Ambient Temp. Operating Range: -10 to 150°F
  • Electrical Power Requirements: Either 115/1/60 or 230/1/60