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Volumetric Dry Chemical Feeders - Model W-105 Series

Dissolving Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes utilizing Model W-105 Series Volumetric Feeders

Model W-105 Dissolving SystemModel W-105 Dissolving System


Acrison’s heavy-duty Model W-105 Series of Volumetric Feeders feature a Dissimilar Speed, Double Concentric Auger Metering Mechanism designed to accurately and reliably meter a wide variety of dry chemicals commonly used in water and wastewater treatment applications. This highly effective and versatile metering mechanism consists of a large 'Conditioning Auger' or Intromitter, concentrically mounted around a smaller 'Metering Auger', operating at dissimilar speeds in a 'fixed proportion' to each other by a single variable speed gearmotor. Model W-105 Series of Feeders are supplied as part of an 'equipment package' to satisfy the dry chemical metering requirements associated with a broad variety of water treatment processes.


  • Unique, Dissimilar Speed Double Concentric Auger Metering Mechanism – conditions dry solid materials to a consistent state while efficiently and reliably filling the metering auger from a full 360 degrees
  • All Steel Construction – provides long-term durability with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Range of Model Sizes – cover feed rates from 0.03 to 101 cubic feet per hour


  • All product contact parts are 304 stainless steel including the feeder’s drive shafts and seal components
  • Variable speed AC or DC gearmotor drive with either a 30:1 or 50:1 speed range


  • Various materials of construction
  • Various AC and DC variable speed motor controllers and control modes
  • Integral bag loading hoppers
  • Integral dust collector bag dump station
  • Integral bulk bag (super sac) unloader
  • Dissolving tanks to produce solutions or slurries by efficiently mixing dry chemicals with water.
  • Wetting cone for 'wetting' activated carbon, potassium permanganate and certain other dry chemicals