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Self-Emptying Single Auger/Agitator Metering Mechanisms - Model 170 Series

Model 170 Series Dry Solids Volumetric Feeders…with Self-Emptying Metering Mechanism and Single Metering Auger


Model 170-0 Metering Mechanism

Acrison’s Model 170 Series of Volumetric Feeders for dry solids are specifically designed for complete product cleanout without the need for disassembly or mechanical changes. These feeders 'self-empty' when permitted to operate until empty, and also feature a novel discharge port for rapid material emptying when needed—making them ideal for applications where rapid product changeover or bare minimum downtime is critical.


  • Uniquely Configured Auger/Agitator Metering Mechanism – that completely fills the metering auger with product of a consistent state. The feeder has only 2 moving parts, typically a constant speed gearmotor for the slow speed agitator and a variable speed AC or DC gearmotor for the metering auger.
  • Circular Wide-Throat, Flat Bottom Feed Chamber with slowly rotating horizontal Agitator – ensures flow of product out of the supply hopper directly into the feed chamber (and metering auger).
  • Novel Discharge Purge Port – located in the flat bottom of the feed chamber allows the feeder to be 'emptied quickly' when required. 
  • All Steel Construction – provides long-term durability with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Product Cleanout Design – eliminates 'dead zones' and allows feeder to feed until completely empty.
  • Range of Model Sizes – for feed rates from 0.0012 to 900 cubic feet per hour.


  • All product contact parts are 304 stainless steel including the feeder’s drive shafts and seal components.
  • All models typically equipped with a constant speed gearmotor for the slow speed agitator and a variable speed AC or DC gearmotor for the metering auger with either a  30:1 or 50:1 speed range.


  • Sanitary construction to comply with USDA and FDA codes and requirements
  • Quick disassembly/re-assembly construction (certain models)
  • Hazardous area electrical construction
  • Swing-out and tilt-back hoppers to facilitate cleanout (certain models)
  • Vibrating hopper with unique isolation pad to aid product flow (certain models)
  • Various AC and DC variable speed motor controllers and control modes
  • Available as the integral metering mechanism for certain model Acrison 'Weight-loss' Weigh Feeders