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Dual Independent Metering Augers for Both Continuous & Batching Applications - Model BDFX-1.5-2

Model BDFX 1.5-2 Volumetric Feeder… featuring two independently driven metering augers and dual counter-rotating conditioning augers/agitators that combine to provide both product flow and feed


Model BDFX-1.5-2 Metering Mechanism

Acrison’s Model BDFX-1.5-2 Volumetric Feeder is a version of Acrison’s uniquely versatile Model BDF-1.5 Feeder; however, aside from the dual conditioning augers/agitators, which are independently driven, the Model BDFX 1.5-2 also includes two separate, independently driven metering augers. When combined, the two metering augers produce a very wide feed range. Specifically, the Model BDFX-1.5-2 Feeder eliminates the undesirable task of changing the metering auger of a continuous dry solids feeder whenever an uncommonly wide feed range is required. Additionally, the Model BDFX-1.5-2 provides both high (rapid feed) and low (dribble) feed outputs for batching applications.


  • Extremely versatile design - featuring two separate independently driven metering augers which when combined produce a very wide feed range.
  • Designed for both continuous and batching applications – provides superior materials handling capabilities.
  • All steel construction – provides long-term durability with minimal maintenance requirements.


  • All product contact surfaces are 304 stainless steel, including all drive shafts and seal components
  • The two metering augers are independently driven by heavy-duty variable speed AC or DC gearmotors having either a 10:1, 20:1, 30:1 or 50:1 speed range
  • The metering augers are 316 stainless steel.
  • The agitators are flange-attached to their respective drive shafts. The metering augers utilize a threaded attachment to their drive shafts.
  • The two agitators are independently driven by heavy-duty constant speed gearmotors powered by AC motors.


  • Various materials of construction.
  • Partial quick-disconnect construction for ease of cleanout.
  • High Temperature and pressure construction.
  • Various variable speed controllers, speed ranges and control modes.
  • Available as the integral metering mechanism for certain model Acrison Weight-Loss Weigh Feeders.