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New Bin Discharger: Model 170-BD-30

Acrison’s Model 170-BD-30 Flat Bottom Bin Discharger utilizes mechanically induced internal agitation to promote the discharge of dry solids ingredients from within a bin or hopper.  The unit features a unique self-emptying design, making it ideal for applications where rapid product changeover with minimal downtime is critical. The Model 170-BD-30 is commonly used as the refill mechanism for an Acrison Weight-Loss Weigh Feeder.

The Model 170-BD-30 Bin Discharger consists of a circular, non-converging flat bottom housing containing a horizontally mounted agitator (driven from beneath) for the effective and reliable discharge of dry solids materials from within the storage bin or hopper to which it is attached.

Product flows out of the storage bin and into the mating wide throat opening of the Model 170-BD-30 where the sweeping action of the slowly rotating agitator, across the Discharger’s flat bottom, produces positive product discharge without compaction, attrition and/or segregation. Since all internal areas of the Bin Discharger are active, dead zones do not exist and thus, product stagnation cannot occur anywhere within the unit.

The Model 170-BD-30 features a unique “Discharge Port” that allows the contents of the bin or hopper to be emptied rapidly making it ideally suited for applications requiring frequent product changeover. The “Discharge Port” is normally furnished with either a manual or automatically-operated slide gate valve. Because the Bin Discharger is “self emptying”, total cleanout is quick and easy.

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