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Acrison's Complete Range of Highly Reliable and Accurate Single and Multi-Ingredient Batch/Dump Weighing Systems

Acrison, Inc., an innovative global leader in dry solids metering and handling technologies for over 50 years, has announced availability of a new Sales Bulletin that provides detailed information about their complete range of Model 403B(D) Batch/Dump Weighing Systems for single and multi-ingredient batching applications.

Acrison’s 403B(D) Batch/Dump Weighing Systems are designed with rugged-duty, high resolution, counterbalanced weighing mechanisms that are permanently calibrated and adjustment-free. The entire weighing mechanism, including the weight sensing system is guaranteed for an unprecedented 5 years.

The various Acrison controllers available for use with Model 403B(D) Batch/Dump Weighing Systems include a unique feature – Batch-Lok®that ensures accurate batch weighing in the event the weighing system detects an abnormal disturbance during the batch weighing cycle. An assortment of control schemes, from a single ingredient batch weighing controller to a multi-ingredient batch weighing control system, are available depending upon application requirements.

Acrison also manufactures a broad range of volumetric feeders that are available for use in conjunction with Model 403B (D) Batch/Dump Weighing Systems, the selection of which is dependent upon application parameters.

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