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Dual Silo Dry Bulk Chemical Storage Systems with Integral Feeding and Dissolving Systems Offer Maximum Application Flexibility

Acrison, Inc., an innovative leader in dry chemical metering technologies since 1963, has announced the availability of their new Dual Dry Bulk Chemical Storage Silos with Integral Feeding and Dissolving Systems.

Dual silo systems can be used to reduce the overall height profile of a single high-rate application, or can feed two different chemicals to one or more application points. Acrison dual silos are typically mounted close enough to each other to allow for a single ladder with safety cage to access one silo roof, and a catwalk spanning the two silos to allow for access to the second roof.

Fill lines are routed to a single loading point, with a single truck-fill panel operating both systems. A security keypad, wired to automatic valves on the fill line, ensures that dry chemicals are being delivered to the correct silo.

As with all of Acrison’s silo systems, means for promoting material flow into the silo’s integral feeders is provided strictly on an as-needed basis without the use of air. This eliminates problems that can occur when flow promotion devices operate continuously, or on a fixed time basis.

Custom control packages and ancillary equipment are also available with the dual silo system. Controls are typically located inside the skirted silo, along with necessary piping and wiring, requiring minimal installation of some external components prior to operation. Coupled with Acrison’s attention to detail, quality, and dedication to customer service, an Acrison dual silo system is available as a complete bulk storage and feeding solution.

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