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New PAC Feed System Utilizes Dual Feeder/Wetting Cone Assemblies and a Common Hopper For Compact Size and Increased Flexibility

PAC Feeding SystemAcrison, Inc., an innovative global leader in dry chemical feeding and dissolving technologies for over 50 years, has announced the availability of their Dual Feeder/Wetting Cone Assembly with a common Hopper.

Designed with minimal space requirements and flexibility in mind, this system is ideal for powdered activated carbon applications where duty/standby operation is required for redundancy, or for applications that need two separate independent feed points at differing feed rates. The system utilizes two Model W105Z Volumetric Feeders sharing a common hopper, with each feeder equipped with its own Wetting Cone assembly. The operator supplies both feeder systems with product from a single loading point.

An Acrison Model DCBDS-400 Dust Collector with Bag Dump Station is mounted on the hopper cover to provide dust-free hopper loading from bags. A manual filter shaker handle releases any accumulated dust back into the hopper.

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