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New Model 408 Series Fills Industry Need for an Economical, Versatile, and Compact Line of "Weight-Loss" Weigh Feeders

Acrison, Inc., an innovative global leader in dry solids metering and handling technologies for over 50 years, has announced availability of their Model 408 Series "Weight-Loss" Weigh Feeders.

Specifically designed to provide an economical and compact means to accurately and dependably feed a wide variety of dry solid materials, Model 408 Feeders utilize Acrison‚s highly reliable, time-proven weighing and control technologies in a compact footprint measuring just 18 x 28 inches.

Model 408 feed rates range from a fraction of a pound up to thousands of pounds per hour with continuous metering accuracies typically ranging between ± 0.25 to 1 percent or better (error) at two sigma. High resolution weight sensing is accomplished via Acrison‚s Ratiometric Digital Weight Resolver, which instantaneously produces an unamplified, non-integrated real-time weight signal for precise feed rate control using one of Acrison‚s various multi-processor controllers. The entire permanently calibrated and adjustment-free weighing systems of these weigh feeders including the electronics associated with the weighing systems are guaranteed for an unprecedented 5 years.

A modern, state-of-the-art test facility is also available to demonstrate operation of a Model 408 Weigh Feeder or any Acrison equipment without any charge or obligation.

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